Want resources to publicize DCON to your club or division? You've come to the perfect place. Below, you'll find logos, posters, and other materials you can use to help promote DCON 2016.

There are two official DCON 2016 posters. Poster 1 features the NJ Key Club mascot, Tito the Tomato. Poster 2 features silhouette portraits of members of the NJ District Board.

Facebook Cover Photo
Here is the official Facebook Cover Photo for DCON 2016, featuring a note from M with the date and location of the event.

Fonts and Logo Packages
Here are packages with DCON fonts and logos that may be useful. The Fonts package includes Avenir Light, Myriad Pro Light, Skyfall Done, and Universal Accreditation. The Logos package includes the 070 logo and a screenshot of the theme release trailer.